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Build and Engage With Your Market Audience

We specializes in permission-based acquisition email marketing. We leverage micro-surveys with daily triggers to prequalify intent to purchase and maximize ROI by vertical.



​Data hygiene, infrastructure, Dashboard with real time data, and a team of marketing and IT professionals are what enable us to enjoy our leadership in the data industry.

Let us show you!


Total Engagement Strategy

We have developed a three step Total Engagement Strategy that encompasses Pre-Targeting, Acquisition Email, and Retargeting utilizing the same dataset across multiple digital platforms.
Statistics show that marketing works best with a comprehensive approach that establishes multiple touchpoints across a myriad of digital platforms utilizing the same unique dataset.


Here's How It Works

Step 1: Pre-Targeting

Pre-target the interest-based list with device-driven banner ads across the web to establish brand awareness and recognition.

Step 2: Email Engagement

Deliver an engaging email campaign to the same pre-targeted list reinforcing brand awareness with a compelling offer to act now.

Step 3: Re-Targeting

Retarget all of the email responders across multiple devices directly through Social Media to enhance ROI.

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